E-BOOK: How to build a beautiful business – without the stress

How to start a businessThis e-book is a detailed 120 page how-to instruction manual based on my own experience in three high-growth companies.

    It’s available to anyone on my XWX or Leaders in Motion program.

    Full table of contents

    1. Intention: How to plant the right seed
    2. How to build your team
    3. Structure – How to put in place the foundations for future success
    4. How to focus on detail and keep the big picture in view
    5. Daily practice
    6. How to get and use great advice
    7. How to be extraordinary at sales
    8. How to get funding
    9. How to make it profitable

    What problems does it confront and answer

    • How can an average person like you or me start a business and take it global – from nothing but an idea?
    • How do you transition out of your day job?
    • What process can you use to attract the team you need to realise your vision?
    • How can you sell your product, without being “salesy”.
    • How can you have your product bought before it’s released?
    • How do you identify which activities will waste your time before you start?
    • How can you find investors for your company before your product is completely market-ready?

    You will also pick up tools to help you

    • Easily and fairly divide equity among founders
    • Stay calm every day in business no matter what stress is happening around you
    • Acquire the most important leadership skill you’ll need


    ” Brilliant, easy-to-read, must-use manifesto for ‘what to do’ and (perhaps more importantly) ‘what not to do’ to set up and run a thriving business. This e-book is now essential in my business toolkit!”– Jasmine Platt, International Business Coach

    “”I’ve been in business 26 years. Yet when I read this book, I discovered what critical elements of business success I had been missing all along. There is some rare magic in here that shows you how to take action, then kicks you over the starting-line.” Ian Drower, IT Business Owner


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