Influence with others

Be a Stand out Speaker

Stop trying to have influence over others, and start having influence with them. It all starts with your intention. If that’s off, no technique will matter. So be real. Be yourself.

If you are a clown – be a clown. If you are serious and studious – be serious and studious. But just remember to care more for the person in front of you than you do about your own outcome.


Influence over self

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Similarly – you are wasting your time trying to have influence with yourself – nothing short of influence over your self will help you achieve your professional goals with anything resembling good-cheer, calm and happiness.

I’ve spent two decades searching for what works best, as a student and as a teacher. So I have some opinions about what works, and what doesn’t and like any opinionated person – happy to share them with whoever is listening.

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I like this picture. It has no “product” associated with it – but it captures for me how silly we end up looking when we focus on the dollar, not the person in front of us.

I use it to remind me and others that when you focus on sales, targets, and the dollar – hard-won results follow: when you focus on caring for the person in front of you, then provided your mind is in the right place,  the dollars just seem to take care of themselves.

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