Executive Coaching

Perhaps the greatest trend in the professional world today is the widespread realisation that coaching is a good idea.

Actually, its more of a realisation that not getting coaching was a monumental oversight.

If you are a professional athlete, you know that raw talent will only get you as far as winning club championships. And that’s only if you have incredible natural talent. If you want to step up and perform at a higher level, it is impossible without coaching.

Similarly, if you are a professional in your job – your raw capabilities will only get you so far. Then you’ll hit a ceiling. Most people are comfortable below this ceiling – and so if you are “most people” – then there is no need for coaching. But if you seek to raise your game, your communication ability, your negotiation and business skills, your EQ, and your ability to inspire others – then you too are going to need coaching.

Daniel Batten is an expert coach. He has coached CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, thoughtleaders, and a whole lot of people who simply want to take their career beyond the ceiling. Having been a CEO and business leader himself – Daniel has the credibility and war stories that make the difference. Added to that, he is highly intuitive – and often gets to the core of a problem in minutes. Expect to be held to account. Expect to grow – fast. Expect a level of results you may have thought was impossible. Expect these results to start showing up in your business (and personal) life. Expect others to say “Wow – you are different. What’s changed?”

But don’t expect any of this to happen unless you take some action.

Find out today about how executive & leadership coaching can lead you to your goals.

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