Incredible influence

The “Incredible Influence” (2i)  Course

Some people don’t have time to learn a separate course for each of

– being exceptional at sales
– progressing my executive career
– landing that job you want, but think is out of reach
– being a transformational leader
– getting your voice heard in an organization, or market
– persuading yourself to follow through until results come

Most people prefer specialty courses, and that’s fine. But a few some people will say “just give me the “meta-skill” that allows me to do all these things.

That meta-skill is called “influence”.

What you have been focusing on until now has been “skills”. No matter what job you are doing, you have spent years, perhaps decades, mastering the skills required to do that job really well.

Now you are always going to hit a ceiling if all you’ve got is skills.

But if you combine those skills you have with an authentic influence ability which is incredible, then you start to get influence levels which are exponential.

It’s what we call “above the line influence”

In this process, we make sure that

1. You have the technical influence skills right, and

2. That you have the authenticity to engage influentially with people and turn your results right up.

The format of this is a 2-day course, or a one-on-one coaching programme.

To give you a picture of what it would look like when you have incredible influence – imagine every meeting you have for the next year, in whatever context you can imagine – getting 70%, 80%, sometimes right up to 90% enthusiastic responses to whatever you are proposing.

I run the public courses on an ad hoc basis as time permits.

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