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One month coaching for tech founders

This is where I like to start with people.

2/3 of all tech-startup failure has nothing to do with the product or business opportunity. It is the skillset and mindset of the founder(s).

Your startup is like a high-performance motorbike. So best you learn how to ride it. Fast.

Yet few people globally can help you grow this capability. Mentors, advisors and director all help. But their job is not to grow you into a faster rider that won’t crash. That’s what I do. I was in 3 tech startups myself then spent another 12 years working out what specific mindset and behaviours that tech-founders needed to win, and how to quickly instil them in. It’s no cookie-cutter approach. Every founder has different strengths and gaps. So I work in a very personalised and nuanced way to instil only the missing behaviours, habits, mindsets and communication that’ll help you the most. In terms of the commercial impact of this work – its huge: companies are growing at over 3x the rate of those of VC invested companies, and higher again than angel invested companies. More importantly – you’ll learn how to do this without working crazy stupid hours or sacrificing the things you need never sacrifice: your values, your family and your health.

Pitch Coaching a.k.a “Capital Now”

Those companies who’ve been through the “Capital Now”  training have a  100% success rate securing their next funding round ( 9 out of 9). The industry average is 10.4%. That means that getting trained in the Capital Now process is going to make more difference to your chance of securing capital than anything else you can do. In one year, the companies who did “Capital Now” raised more than twice the capital NZ’s largest angel investment group invested. Helping companies get invested is something that I love doing because you get so much more than capital in the process. You learn one of the most important skills you need as the founder of a tech-company and your mindset is positively affected through getting investment (there’s actually research to prove this). Most importantly, you start seeing the magic in your own discovery/invention/product – and once that starts happening, founders are close to unstoppable.

I’ve written a book on it called “How to Change the World With One Pitch.” But unless you are one of the rare few who can apply things fully through reading alone, I also recommend working with me to work out how to apply the book to your pitch.


The Visionary Leaders Mastermind

Are you a visionary leader? Do you have a vision? Are you a leader? Then you are a visionary leader. In a world where so many people doubt you (not counting yourself), encourage you to “tone it down a little” and be less ambitious, being part of a group who are encouraging the enormity of each other’s visions is really important to your success. It’s also important to your happiness. Do you have imposter syndrome? You honestly won’t within months of joining. It’s impossible for this to survive in an environment of excellence, just like ice cannot survive long when dropped into a large fire.

The people on this group are doing the impossible. I know that sounds like a big outrageous claim, but I dare you to be curious. Start a conversation. The people on this group count this group as one of the most important entities in their life, and their decision to join as one of the most ground-breaking decisions in their lives. There’s a community of people just like you around, and we’re waiting for you to decide that the part of you seeking expansion is much bigger than the part of you who wants to hide.


I’ve recently begun speaking at conferences and events again. If you’re not sure whether to go for a motivational speaker, or a practical one who’ll give you tools – you can rely on me to provide both.
To book me as a speaker, visit my speaker page

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