Other Programs

The Leadership in Motion Program

– The Gold-Standard in a coaching relationship: if you’ve ever wondered what its like to be an Olympic Athlete coached by a top coach, this is it
– An intensive, intimate year-long one-on-one program for companies that want to grow a Billion Dollar business that change the world (for the better).

The Entrepreneurs Blueprint

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner – this group represents the gold standard in how much you can growth you can experience over the year

We get some crazy-good business results – but that’s not what truly excites us.

Every week is a joy, a celebration, and a chance to be with people you love, respect and learn from – from other sectors.
Together we give eachother ideas, support, accountability (and occasionally when needed, a loving kick up the backside).

If you don’t grow your business 200%+ on your first year on this group, you’d be an exception.

If you see profit as the purpose of business – you are not a fit for this group. If you see profit as the result of business – you may be a fit, and should apply.

Format: weekly group coaching sessions + secret FB group + online training system “The Entrepreneurs Blueprint”.

Investment: $20,000+GST for the year. (Potential $5000+GST subsidy available – ask me about this)


I’ve recently begun speaking at conferences and events again. If you’re not sure whether to go for a motivational speaker, or a practical one who’ll give you tools – you can rely on me to provide both.
To book me as a speaker, visit my speaker page

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