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If you are the CEO of a hi-tech company and you want to create a billion dollar market-cap, then you have one of the three attributes you need to be eligible for The XWX “Experts who Export” program.

This group of people are kicking butt harder, faster, and more consistently than any group of hi-tech entrepreneurs in the country by some measure.

Here’s an example – in the Friday group-call just gone days before I updated this website, we celebrated

1. CEO#1 getting yet another 6-figure sale (bringing his overall revenue growth to 287% in 10 months
2. CEO#2 getting his biggest customer in NZ (a deal worth 180x what he was previously landing when we first engaged) bringing total projected revenue growth over the year to 1300%.
3. CEO#3 getting an oversubscription for his capital raise (if you’ve tried raising capital – you know this never happens right? Hey – I haven’t even managed to do that!!)
4. CEO#4 getting his next $2M cap-raise, and got the CEOs of three of his prospects wanting to dine with him after smashing it at a conference he spoke at.

These are not selected highlights. We only have 4 CEOs on the call – and as you can see they are ALL hitting it out of the park. They are achieving this because we’ve created such an environment of excellence that mediocrity is impossible to sustain.

I want to grow this to 8 CEOs – but it has to be the right people. You will be selected into the program if you’re a good cultural fit (a healthy blend of rebelliousness and self-awareness), love making bold moves and want to be part of the movement that raises the GDP and the Gross Domestic Confidence of your country. Cynics, skeptics, people who like to play small, or people who want to work stupid hours in the pursuit of one dimensional business success need not apply.

The first step of applying is for you to fill out your form below.

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We get a lot of testimonial feedback. So here’s a recent sample.

“As a result of working with Daniel, one month into our partnership I found myself giving a pitch in New Delhi to India’s transport minister – who agreed to roll out a 70km trial of my technology. I had been waiting more than 10 years for an outcome like this. It is a huge deal, which was reported around the world, and needless to say I’m very happy. Daniel is a man with a gift.”
Ollie Mikosza – President and CEO, Metrino PRT


XWX has been an orchestrated journey to stardom. The authenticity of the participants means that we feed off each other, our successes, our set-backs, our enthusiasm and our input. Your ability to keep the fires of passion stoked is what makes the difference.  A unique ability? It’s as if we, the XWX participants growing successful businesses, are climbing Everest, helping and encouraging each other, under the expert eye of our mountain guide. XWX is the only mechanism I have seen with the potential to truly get people to the top. (And yes, our company’s revenue has grown – about 40% already).
John Blackham – CEO, XSOL . Also, Former Director, Trade New Zealand; Founder, New Zealand Intellectual Capital Foundation; Founder, New Zealand Software Association; Chairman, Unitec Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation


“Daniel has helped me tremendously. I would rate him as the best coach on pitching, sales and marketing I have ever met. Within 7 days of working with Daniel, I was able to secure a national rollout of Glory League with BBNZ. There have been many other steps up we’ve made in our sales, as well as my own personal effectiveness as the sales champion – as a direct result of what I’ve gained in XWX. Our board is very happy and we’ve  fast-tracked our journey towards raising Series-A funding.”
Louis Gordon-Latty – CEO, GloryLeague


“Before joining XWX – my business was not showing any signs of life or progress. I was constantly exhausted. Since being on XWX my monthly income has increased over 100% and have become confident in dealing with people. My business now has a partnership deal on the table and this foundation has powerfully set me up to take my technology global.”
Marina Waterhouse – CEO, X-Me


2015-06-26 – Reference for Daniel Batten

Robin Alden – CEO, iMonitor


Some recent video feedback


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