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If you’re a tech-entrepreneur – somehow, by some means, you’ve come to the right place.

Right now, there is a sea of stressed tech-entrepreneurs who are on an emotional-rollercoaster to some dreamed-after “exit event”. The sad fact is not that over 90% don’t get there, it’s that the vast bulk of those that do, will not get the happiness they imagined from their exit. Many “exit people” revealed that they often regret what they sacrificed in the process (time, growth, health, family, purpose outside work). Most of them never push themselves as hard again – or will dive straight back into more overwork – because they have no clue what else to do with their life.

I say this with confidence because firstly after being part of 3 tech-companies that went global, and getting my personal exit – I was one of them. And secondly over the next ten years I encountered, interviewed, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs across multiple countries – and found this unfortunate pattern to be almost universally true.

Unfortunately – above the hype over innovation, the fairy-tales about unicorns, and media hero-worship of the one-dimensional tech-entrepreneur – no-one talks about these avoidable truths behind the myths.

Yet it does not have to be this way.

There is a definite process to becoming an entrepreneur who works regular hours, has high sales, gets the investment they want from who they want, is happy and does not lose their values along the way. I’ve been teaching these steps for a number of years now with consistent success.


Companies typically have one of two commercial goals joining this program:

1. get more investment, or
2. grow revenues

Of those who completed their program – not one has failed to achieve these goals.

From the capital-seekers, 100% of them achieved their next cap raise (compare that to the industry average)
From the revenue-seekers, their average revenue growth was 337% (well above industry average)

The one exception was a company seeking seeking margin growth: they grew margins 619% in one year.

How was this possible?

Firstly because we didn’t obsess about trying to grow commercial results by talking about strategy, project managing founders and watching balance sheets (a dated and flawed idea – if that’s all you do). We focused instead on growing the things that actually grow companies: that’s growing the behaviours, habits, mindset, leadership, sales and coaching&delegation acumen of the founder.

Secondly – because we debunked the myth that their exit would give them happiness, that they should work crazy-hours and that they should reduce themselves to one-dimensional tech-entrperenurs was the best way to get success. Sure that’s what Elon Musk did – but he represents 0.000001% of the population, just like Jonah Lomu represents 0.000001% of rugby players. You will do as well as an entrepreneur by copying Musk as I would do on a rugby field by trying to run over the top of defenders like Jonah Lomu. i.e.: you’ll get destroyed.

Third – do the best of our knowledge, and based on results, testimonials, and what we do – as opposed to hype – can lay genuine claim to being the most innovative, complete and effective founder-development program in the world. Over 21 years as a hi-tech founder and learning how to impart skills to them I’ve found there are 37 skills and 29 mindset adjustments and habits that typify a successful hi-tech entrepreneur. More importantly, through learning how to educate adults (a sacred art that most people don’t treat as such) I know how to use experiential learning, the power of a highly manicured group, and sheer obsession to make sure that these skills find their way into the high-tech founders I teach in a fun way that reduces stress.


To check out more on what we do together and how I work, check out the XWX program menu tab, then click the “Let’s go” button to fill out the application form.

If you’re a potential fit, I’ll get back in touch to arrange a time for us to jump on a call to find out if we’re a fit.
If you’re not a fit just yet – I’ll make some recommendations about your next steps.

In service,
Daniel Batten. Entrepreneur.




We get a lot of testimonial feedback. So here’s a recent sample.

“As a result of working with Daniel, one month into our partnership I found myself giving a pitch in New Delhi to India’s transport minister – who agreed to roll out a 70km trial of my technology in a deal worth over $200Million. I had been waiting more than 10 years for this. I could not have achieved this without Daniel’s guidance on my pitching and mindset. Daniel is a man with a gift.”
Ollie Mikosza – President and CEO, Metrino PRT


XWX has been an orchestrated journey to stardom. Our company’s revenue has grown about 40% already, and we are now in confidential commercial discussions we could never have had without Daniel’s input).
John Blackham – CEO, XSOL . Also, Former Director, Trade New Zealand; Founder, New Zealand Intellectual Capital Foundation; Founder, New Zealand Software Association; Chairman, Unitec Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation


“Daniel is the best coach on pitching I have ever met. Within 7 days of working with Daniel, I was able to secure a national rollout of Glory League with BBNZ. We’ve also fast-tracked our journey towards raising Series-A funding.” (Louis nailed a big investment deal a short time after this)
Louis Gordon-Latty – CEO, GloryLeague


“Our company has grown 396% in one year as a direct result of Daniel’s coaching. That’s not the best part though. The best thing is that I’ve become a better leader, father, husband and person in the process.”
Brani Meads – CEO, UI Revolution


“Daniel has helped us hugely commercially. Among other successes, we raised $4Million in capital through using the tools Daniel taught us and did some great customer deals. More importantly though – I’ve become a better leader, and have a happier mindset.”
Robin Alden – CEO, iMonitor

“We’ve raised over $1.5Million in capital, raised revenues over 300% in a year through the work we’ve done with Daniel, and are now selling 100s of our product at a time – not one-offs. More importantly, I’m spending more time with my wife and young child, I’m a better leader to my team, I’m no longer the bottleneck to growth and I can see a clearer path to realising our ambitious global goals.”
Charles Nicholson – CEO, Vesta Central


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