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The eXponential Founders’ Program




Continuity: Of the people on the program: 10 out of 10 won their next round of funding. That’s 100% success. The industry average percentage for NZ last year was 10.4% (1200 companies sought funding. 125 got it). Failure to secure upstream funding is a major source of failure, and this program solves this problem.

Growth: An HBS study of 49 Venture Capital firms found that 65% of hi-tech failure is due to “weakness in the senior management team” (ie: the founders). This program mitigates this risk. How? By furnishing founders with the exact skillset and mindset they will need for each stage of growth. Because 65% of failure is human-centric, this means the program is able to almost triple a tech-company’s likelihood of success.

Legacy: It’s not just about excellent commercial success – its also about having an excellent journey –  for everyone. Are the team and board meetings productive yet also inspiring? Can the entrepreneur switch off after work?, Is the journey so good for everyone, that after the first exit, the leader can take their team with them and create an even more successful company? For every tech-founder who’s been on this program so far, the answer to these 3 questions has been “yes”


What the program is not


Light-touch Mentoring/Advice. Mentoring focuses on giving business advise. Coaching starts where mentoring stops. Coaching grows the capacity of the founder and gives not only business skills, but raises the entrepreneur’s capacity to use them

Available elsewhere: there is no similar program in the world that builds tech-founder skillset and mindset through high-impact coaching. Once again New Zealand is leading the world – not only in technology innovation, but this time in innovating how we grow innovators.

Intangible: We measure what matters. Among a range of tangible results we’ve tracked, the average valuation-increase of companies on the program is 51% per year compounding. That outperforms even high-performing VC-funds. That means, after 7 years, a company who’s been through this program can expect a valuation on average 2.85x higher than one who has not.

Theory: Everything in this program has been tested (a lot). Usually on ourselves first. We’ve thrown out the folklore about how to grow a tech company. Instead we coach only what’s directly relevant to the current growth-stage, is easy to implement and gets consistently high results.


What this program is


Excellent: This is the world’s only program that mirrors the standard of coaching that an elite sportsperson would expect, and makes that available to our nation’s engineers and scientists who have commercialised a tech-company.

Nuanced for the challenges kiwi innovators most frequently encounter (communicating value, pitching, deal-making, leadership, growing people, scaling, delegating, perception management, focus, self-care, decision-making to name a few)

Intensive – calls with the entrepreneur every week, access to a group of tech-CEOs in a high-trust environment, leadership retreats where real skills are practiced and every trains hard.




Some Recent Testimonials

Daniel’s coaching … was transformational. First, he got me out of being in reactionary mode by helping me clarify my core purpose.  He helped me  leap from an academic institute into the unknown. Next he helped me secure my research IP from the University in 3 months. (it normally take 12-18 months). Then he helped me lead my team of three academics with zero commercial experience to secure seed investment, win a major government R&D grant, and sell our first product within 9 months.Commercial impact aside the shifts in my leadership, communication and self-awareness have been even bigger. I’ve even become a better husband and father. Good coaches are educators that can help you get knowledge. Great coaches help you transcend knowledge. Daniel is a great coach.
 Shieak Tzeng, Chairman and founder, Elucimed
“Daniel is one of the most effective coaches in the world at helping entrepreneurs communicate powerfully … and inspire people to action.”
Jay Scott, CEO Growth Angel

“As a result of working with Daniel, one month into our partnership I found myself giving a pitch in New Delhi to India’s transport minister – who agreed to roll out a 70km trial of my technology in a deal worth over $200Million. I had been waiting more than 10 years for this. I could not have achieved this without Daniel’s guidance on my pitching and mindset. Daniel is a man with a gift.”
Ollie Mikosza – President and CEO, Metrino PRT


“XF has been an orchestrated journey to stardom.”
John Blackham – CEO, XSOL . Also, Former Director, Trade New Zealand; Founder, New Zealand Intellectual Capital Foundation; Founder, New Zealand Software Association


“Since working with Daniel, I have experienced transformation in my business, communication and leadership along with unexpected (but welcome) transformations in personal health, resilience and family life. There are a few people in your life who truly see you expand and reach your true potential and provide you unconditional support through steps forward or a string or setbacks. Daniel and the XF group of tech-founders he leads have provided a level of support and enrichment that have enabled me to make a total shift both personally and professionally.”
Gyan Barik – CEO, Facilitraks


“Our company has grown 396% in one year as a direct result of Daniel’s coaching. But the best thing is that I’ve become a better leader, father, husband and person in the process. We’ve achieved this through using his techniques for building resilience, courage, communication and belief … These skills enables leaders to surround themselves with great teams and even better customer relationships.”
Brani Meads – CEO, UI Revolution


“Daniel is inspirational. has helped us hugely commercially. Among other successes, we raised $4Million in capital through using the tools Daniel taught us and won our first big international deal. He has given me the skills to express this in compelling ways and the confidence to do it with true conviction. The results that can be achieved with these skills are limitless. To anyone thinking about joining Daniel’s mastermind. Stop thinking… unless you prefer being comfortable rather than successful.”
Robin Alden – CEO, iMonitor


“We’ve raised over $3.5Million in capital, raised revenues over 300% in a year, and through Daniel’s coaching have just sold into 3 new verticals in the US within 3 months of our first visit. This is supposed to be impossible. But the XF program has continually shown me how to make the impossible possible. More importantly, I’m spending more time with my wife and young child, I’m a better leader to my team, and we can now scale our company exponentially because we’ve also grown the team and the culture so effectively with Daniel’s help. 
Charles Nicholson – CEO, Vesta Central


“Over the last four years Daniel has helped us transform the research community at all levels, with over 500 researchers directly upskilling by providing them with tools and values to take their commercialisation ideas to the next level…Many who have attended have expressed surprise at the improvements in their communication within a day, with many gaining investment as a direct result.”
James Hutchinson – CEO, Kiwinet


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