“Statement-Support-So What”

note this is a transcript of what I say to people, not something designed as a written promotion. The reason I’ve transcribed it is to provide an example of an “SSS” structure – a structure for agreement, not argument.

Statement: “When you do the Incredible Influence course you pick up one of the two most important professional skills in life”

Support: “Those are the words of seminar participants. They also say they get results in the next business week they hadn’t got in the last business year. Plus, they take away a new way to communicate that positively affects pretty much everyone around them.

So what: Imagine yourself, maybe months from now, having achieved that result you want – looking back to your decision to do this course as having been the start of it. Now right about now, your mind may be going “how did that happen”. It probably happened because the tools you picked up on the course got other people hearing your message more than ever before; got you perceived differently before you even spoke; got you influencing 90% of people, not just those who think like you.  It’s a world where people say “yes” before you have to ask. It a world where new doors open that you didn’t even know existed. And it’s a world has a specific latitude and longitude.

The longitude is called intrigue, the latitude is called empathy. It has a very specific meeting point, and if you are curious to know more, I’ve designed a 2-page map of what we cover in those 2 days, which you can see here

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juliet April 28, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Great example, and the seminar sounds pretty good too!

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