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Influential messaging for companies

XSOL (xsol.com)

The work you have conducted for us since September 2011 has resulted in a lift in our perceived value in the market, to the extent that at our sales conference, using the messaging, we got the best sales results ever. We now negotiating a major strategic alliance.  Our partner made it clear that they reason for their interest and investment in us was the content and quality of our messaging; the messaging that you created for us.  In fact the majority of the Market Strategy paper prepared for their board has been lifted from the material you created.

John Blackham, CEO

OBD (obd.co.nz)

Our new business communication has helped us achieve results. We have managed to increase our profitability without any loss of business, the value of certain services we offer has been scaled up and amazingly well received and we have experienced a 4-fold increase in the average month-end cashflow.

How? – Daniel can clearly understand a detailed concept that we are deeply and closely into. He can then feed it back to us with perfect clarity in a way we could then use and create analogies around. These valuable sound bites succinctly express to others the value of our offering so that they could understand what we do and what they get and need much better.

Alex Lovell, Managing Director




Influence Training for professionals

I ‘got it’ that life is one lifelong opportunity to enrol people in what seems to us to be of value, and to find ways of bringing value to them. I will be recommending the course to many others.

Taruni Falconer- Intercultural Consultant

“Inspired by how useful and how well conveyed it was. Right up there with Anthony Robbins.”

Will Lau – Investor & Entrepreneur

Not only did my success getting job interviews improve to the point I got to decide which of two jobs I wanted most, but by using the connecting techniques I learnt through my work with Daniel and on the Incredible Influence course, my strike-rate went from getting 1 out of 20 job interviews, to getting an interview offer for every job I applied for.

Mike Matthews – Tour Operator

Since the course, I’ve had specific conversations that have furthered my career through explaining what I want from my job. I’ve been invited to write a drivers blog for my travel company. I’ve re-structured my role so that I travel 4 days and have three days off based in auckland. This opens up the ability to have a life. I have had several breakthroughs, and I use the techniques I learnt in this course every day.

Milan Holzapfel, IT Professional

It was a whole paradigm shift. It was about so much more than inspirational communication, it was about the whole way we project ourselves out into the world.

Katherine Burns – Social Entrepreneur

“From the first session I went from having a bunch of unclear stuff in my mind to having a clear sense of who I was and how to say it.”

Ian Drower, Business Owner

“The world needs this sort of wisdom.”

James Samuel – Social entrepreneur

Influencing investors – for entrepreneurs

Daniel got us investment ready, overhauling our key messaging and business positioning documents and then schooled us in investment presenting it in a way that acknowledged the values of the organization as well as reflecting our core values. He thought outside the box and saw what we were wanting to do, and allowed us to reflect the core values and put in place the language and structure that was needed to attract investment while still being able to keep a fun aspect to it all.

Theresa Grant, Chief Executive Officer, Positive Elements

I have found Daniel to be an exceptionally lucid & powerfully compassionate communicator … extremely well qualified to elevate you to the next level. He our company to the point could take on investment

Tony Knight – Founder, The Himalayan Salt Company


Keynote Speeches on Influence

Thank you once again for your brilliant presentation yesterday.  It really blew people away, and they were talking about it for the rest of the day.  I cannot say how grateful I am.  I think there’ll be quite a few people thinking about how they can increase their influence.  It was precisely the presentation that I had visualised, and it hit the spot magnificently.  You’re a very talented man.

 Simon Harvey, TNSNZ Executive Director
“I found you brilliant Daniel. You’ve explained something to me I never understood and had forgotten”.

Kathryn Reid, Copywriter Website Words

“Magnificant. Your strength of skill and authenticity have allowed me to see greater room to improve my skills. Thank you for such valuable content.”

Lysa Black, Life Coach, Slim Choice

“You were indeed very inspiring. Your personal stories greatly added to your presentation and created very visual images of how important it is to keep going, to keep learning until one achieves one’s goals.”
Karina Ankhara, Life Coach

“Great 4 points. Very memorable. I will practice all 4 points. I thought your presentation/content/entire speech was excellent”
Heather Baker, Insurance Executive. Futureproof Life

“Just what I needed, having returned to the workforce – in particular the salesforce.”
Jennine Crofts, Business Development Manager Kalooma

“Fantastic! Challenged and changed the perspective to ‘possibilities’ and ‘what ifs’.”
Kathy Walker, Founder, Secret Smile

“Daniel has a very engaging manner. I think a lot of us learnt just from watching him deliver. We all have taken away something fantastic.”
Lucy Addison, Managing Director, Intuitive Systems



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